Are you getting bored of your plain and simple bathroom worktops? Are you feeling inspired by some of the images you have seen online recently? If granite worktops have caught your eye, then you have excellent taste! At The Marble and Granite Company our expertise lies specifically in manufacturing granite kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces and fireplaces. From conception to completion your vision will be brought to life using our dedicated service team who will see the project through from start to finish. As a proud market leader we know that our granite worktops are incredibly popular throughout Essex and you won’t be disappointed with the made to measure service you receive.

The Culture of Colchester

Colchester is an historic market town that has increased in size considerably since the previous census. Over ten years the population rose to a whopping 121,859 making it one of Britain’s most rapidly growing towns. Before you head to the Marble and Granite Company store in Colchester, you might want to pay a visit to one of the most popular attractions in the area.

Colchester Zoo

A Trip to the Zoo

Whether you have children with you or you’re just a big kid yourself, Colchester Zoo is bursting with fun for people of all ages. After winning many awards for its conservation work, Colchester Zoo continues to be the home to almost three hundred animal species. Don’t miss the brand new enclosures which offer walkways right through the centre, so you can get up close with the butterflies and rainbow lorikeets. The underwater tunnel which spans for 24m will give you the ultimate view of the beautiful sea lion pool too. As well as daily displays, feeding times and talks you will also get the chance to ride the special Lost Madagascar Express road train. For the youngsters or young at heart, there are also ample opportunities for playground breaks and face painting!

Why Choose Quartz?

When it comes to Quartz, the world really is your oyster. Whether you’re looking for rich, dark tones or light pastel shades you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. The distinctive feature of Quartz is that it is a man-made material that combines the strength of resin with the dazzling glitter of natural quartz crystal. The durability of quartz is also undeniable, so many manufacturers don’t offer a warranty on this material. The porous nature of other stone surfaces make them slightly more susceptible to germs and bacteria, but with Quartz you can almost guarantee that your surface can be completely free of bacteria.

If you have a specific colour scheme in mind you will b pleased to see our nearly unlimited range of shades to match the scheme of your home. Feel free to look at some of our previous work and you might just find a Quartz design to inspire your kitchen or bathroom makeover.

So take a day trip to Colchester and give everybody in the family a smile on their faces. You can choose your ideal Quartz countertop and the kids can experience a super memorable day at the local zoo!

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