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Marble Worktops

Is it time for an upgrade? Are you looking to bring a new level of appeal to your bathroom or kitchen? Or perhaps you’re simply sick of sub-par materials making your surfaces easy to mark and mar but difficult to clean. A new marble worktop could solve all your woes while offering the room a whole new look of class and elegance. At The Marble and Granite Company, we are happy to fashion the marble worktop that works to your needs.

Timeless appeal

One of the immediate reasons that people are drawn to marble is its undeniable beauty. A fully natural material, the markings and patterns swirling beneath the surface can offer a level of dimension to any room, no matter what size or what style of décor. It’s a great way to give personality to a space that takes on a more minimalist appearance, or to add that natural appeal to a room that’s designed to be warm, cosy, and inviting. Every slab of marble we work from is different, too. There are different hues and patterns that we can help you choose from, and even those of the same type will be subtly unique, ensuring your worktop has a look that’s wholly yours.

 Incredibly practical

The style and visual appearance of marble might be one of its most widely known attributes, but it’s far from the only benefit that it has to offer your worktops. Despite technically being a “soft stone”, it’s highly resilient and can resist scratches and marks very well. As a natural mineral, it copes with heat very well, too, making it an excellent fit for the kitchen. When fitted and treated properly, marble is resistant to moisture and easy to clean, meaning that taking care of your new countertop won’t be a daily struggle. For those who have lived with less versatile materials like wood, the difference it makes to your life is going to be felt immediately. Fewer materials last as long as marble, too.

A cost-effective alternative

At The Marble and Granite Company, we offer a range of materials to make exactly the worktop you want. Besides marble, we also offer granite and quartz, for instance. However, for those who are looking to make room in their budget, marble can be the most cost-effective option out there. It’s easier to source which means that not only can it be less cost-effective, but you aren’t likely to have any delays in getting your worktop fitted. That means fewer disruptions, and the relative ease of installation compared to other materials can go even further in cutting down overhead costs. We help you find the marble you want, craft the worktop to fit your exact needs, and get it installed quick and easy so you can enjoy the new look and feel of your room as soon as possible.

Top-notch craftsmanship

As the company name might suggest, The Marble and Granite Company specialise in working with marble in a variety of ways. This includes bar tops, kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces, vanities, fireplaces, and much, much more. We can help make the worktop that is an exact fit for the specifications you have. No matter the space, no matter the dimensions, we can make it. Furthermore, though many worktops are designed to be a permanent fixture on top of existing storage spaces or fixtures, we have a specialised process for removing existing materials to fit on your new marble replacement. This ensures no damage to either the old worktop materials or the structures beneath.

A higher standard of care

It’s not just our marble worktops that we hold to a high standard, it’s our services, too. We know that our success lies in happy customers, so we take the time to offer a consultation that allows us to better understand your needs. We ensure all our customers are informed and happy with their choices, from the planning to the installation stage, without making it too stressful or bogged down in details that mean nothing to you. The highest standard of customer care is our aim, and that doesn’t end once your worktop is installed. We’ll stay in touch, ensuring you are happy with your purchase and that we’re on deck if you have any issues we can resolve.

Whether you already know what you want, or you could use a little more help deciding on a new worktop and the process of fitting it, get in touch with The Marble and Granite Company at 01206 616323 or use our Contact Us page. We’re ready and willing to help you choose the right fit for you.


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