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How to Clean Marble Worktops?

If you really want to improve the way your kitchen looks, then get yourself a marble worktop! You’ll end up with something that looks stunning, lasts a long time, and is very easy to maintain. In fact, maintenance is the main thing we want to focus on in this blog today. Specifically; how do you clean marble worktops? While other materials can be hard to clean, marble is actually fairly straightforward. To find out more, check out the tips below:

Use A Damp Cloth When Cleaning

All you really need to clean a marble worktop is a handy damp cloth. Get some water on it and then wipe away any stains on the surfaces. Due to the way marble worktops are made, it’s so easy to just clean things using water. The key is to obviously make sure to wipe away any spillages as soon as you see them. If they stay there for too long and harden, then it becomes a slightly harder task.

Use All-Purpose Cleaners For A Deeper Clean

If you have a stain that’s starting to dry or is particularly stubborn, then using an all-purpose cleaner is a great way of getting rid of it. We’d also suggest you use these to try and keep the marble worktops nice and shiny. A lot of marble surfaces can become dull over time and lose their natural glossy look when they’re not cleaned properly. A simple liquid all-purpose cleaner is the only thing you need to keep up that shine!

There are two extremely important things to consider when it comes to the cleaning products you use. Firstly, only use an all-purpose liquid cleaner. Secondly, under no circumstances should you use anything abrasive like a detergent. There are loads of cleaning products out there with chemicals that make them great at getting rid of stains. Marble is a sensitive material, so you don’t want to use abrasive things on it, or you’ll damage the surface. Likewise, only use soft cloths to wipe the surface instead of really gritty sponges, etc.

Don’t Forget To Dry

Interestingly, many cleaning experts suggest that the drying process is one of the most critical aspects of marble worktop cleaning. Essentially, you need to ensure that any wetness is dried off after you’ve been cleaning. So, whether you use water or an all-purpose cleaner, make sure you dry the surface using a soft cloth afterwards. Why? Because this avoids creating smear marks that make the worktop look dirtier than they did to start with. Marble is similar to glass in that wetness and water can end up damaging the way it looks over time. So, don’t just clean, make sure you dry as well.

Cleaning marble worktops is essential if you want to maintain yours and ensure it lasts as long as possible. For any of you that are interested in getting a brand new marble worktop for your kitchen, then contact our team today. We offer some truly stunning designs that will upgrade your kitchen area and transform your worktops into a piece of art.

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