Are you getting bored of your plain and simple bathroom worktops? Are you feeling inspired by some of the images you have seen online recently? If granite worktops have caught your eye, then you have excellent taste! At The Marble and Granite Company our expertise lies specifically in manufacturing granite kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces and fireplaces. From conception to completion your vision will be brought to life using our dedicated service team who will see the project through from start to finish. As a proud market leader we know that our granite worktops are incredibly popular throughout Essex and you won’t be disappointed with the made to measure service you receive.

Beth Chatto Gardens Colchester

Picturesque Parks

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely afternoon walk around Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum or you’re soaking in the incredibly brilliant blooms in the Beth Chatto Gardens, you can allow the kids to run around and stretch their legs. Even if you’re just out for the day with your friend or partner, Colchester’s gardens and parks are the perfect pit stop after a long day of shopping. Pack your own picnic or grab a coffee from one of the many cafés in the surrounding area. The Gardens at Marks Hall truly are a must-see attraction if you’re visiting the Essex countryside. With a stunning combination of English traditions such as formal gardens and woodland paths and an unending collection of ancient trees from across the globe, a visit here will motivate you to keep on coming back for more as the seasons change over the year.

Gorgeous Granite

After paying a visit to some of the most picturesque parks in the area, you can then start to mull over some of your innovative countertop ideas. Whether you’re hoping to recreate a beautiful bathroom or overhaul your tired looking kitchen, granite can bring your surfaces back to life instantly. It is true that granite is one of the most fabulous stones on the market, so it really will be a true talking point when your friends come to visit. If you’re worried about general wear and tear from your family, then granite worktops are incredibly appealing, due to their robust nature; not forgetting the sophistication and style they instantly bring to any home.

Replacing your old countertops couldn’t be easier too. We will remove and dispose of your existing tops so that we can accurately measure the area for your new stunning surfaces. Special care is taken throughout this process so that we don’t damage tiles or kitchen cabinets along the way.

So take in the stunning scenery in the spectacular town of Colchester and then make your granite dreams come true with our assistance!

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