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Does a Marble Worktop Stain?

When you’re looking to choose a worktop for your kitchen, there are loads of different options at your disposal. However, one of the most popular offerings is a marble worktop. They’re the choice for many people because they look absolutely gorgeous, can come in so many different designs, colours, and patterns, and are extremely durable.

Naturally, one of the main things people are cautious of is buying a worktop that stains easily. This is one of the critical aspects to look for when choosing the right material. This begs the question; does a marble worktop stain?

The short answer is no. So, we’ll just leave things there and thanks very much for reading this blog!

Only joking, we’re going to stick around for a bit longer to explain what we mean. You see, marble worktops can stain when things aren’t done correctly. But, if everything is done correctly and the worktop is maintained, then they absolutely don’t stain.

Sealing Your Marble Worktop

The natural make up of marble means that it’s quite a porous stone. As such, people worry that this means liquids and other things can sink into the tiny pores and remain there forever, causing some permanent stains. The secret to ensuring marble doesn’t stain is by sealing it. Sealers work to seal off the top layer of your marble worktop. This prevents any liquids from getting into the pores and staining. Any spillages can be wiped off with ease, and stains are a thing of the past.

How do you seal a marble worktop? Well, if you get the worktop installed by professional marble suppliers (like us!), then they will be sealed for you upon installation. This means you can jump right into the action without worrying about any stains at all. Professional sealing is non-negotiable as you need to be 100% certain that it’s done properly to prevent stains.

What’s more, you should have your marble sealed again after a few years as part of your general maintenance. A typical sealer can wear off over time, which is why you need to do this. It may seem like a lot of effort, but it’s something you do every few years, and it improves the health of your marble worktop and ensures it doesn’t stain.

Caring For Your Marble Worktop

Also, the way you care and clean your worktop will play a huge role in how likely it is to stain. If you do the right things; clean spills without letting them dry up and mop up any wet patches, then your marble worktop will be excellent.

We also recommend that you don’t use abrasive cleaning detergents as they can take off the sealant from the surface of the marble. Just use warm water and an all-purpose cleaner, and you’ll be fine.

So, to sum things up; marble worktops don’t stain when the right measures are taken, and it’s installed properly. If you’re getting a little bit excited at the thought of a gorgeous marble work surface, then contact us today, and we can install one for you that’s already sealed and stainproof!

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