Marble & Granite Bathroom Worktops

Bathroom's are an essential part of a family home and where you spend every morning. Brighten your morning with a Marble Bathroom designed around your family.

Marble & Granite Bathrooms

Natural Marble and Granite offer sink unit surface of the highest quality for enhancing your bathroom and giving you great pleasure for many years to come.

Granite offers beauty, easy care and durability and is the hardest stone after the diamond, with very dense grain, making it virtually impervious to stain. Its smooth structure means that it provides few havens for bacteria and is ideally suited for the bathroom.

Our granite and marble surfaces come in a whole range of colours and custom-made sizes.

We have designed and fitted 1000’s of marble bathroom counter and worktops over the past 15 years across Essex.

Marble Worktops comes in many colours, textures and finishes, its advised you view the marble before you purchase it.

Marble is sometimes a controversial material when you’re talking kitchen worktops. It’s easy to stain it, and is not necessarily simple to care for and maintain. However, when we’re talking marble in the bathroom, it’s the perfect choice. It’s a gorgeous, classic choice for almost any style bathroom. And if your budget allows for it, it’s honestly hard to go wrong when using marble in your space.

When most people think of marble, white Carrara marble is what usually comes to mind. Much like granite, marble comes in many different colours and styles. So don’t feel limited to simply choosing white.

You can easily use marble on your bathroom counter, or instead, create a floating marble vanity. This is a great choice in a master bath where you want to create space for two sinks. It also allows you to use the space underneath for storage.

While marble works great as an accent in a bathroom, it can also look gorgeous if you use it on all surfaces of the bathroom. Wall-to-wall marble results in a truly show-stopping bathroom.

Even if you simply have a bath/shower combo, you can use marble on the front of the bath surround to create a similar look.

Another great low budget option or adding some marble in your bathroom is to use it for a simple bath surround.

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