radioactive granite worktops

Are Granite Worktops Radioactive?

Granite worktops are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen these days. Having a granite worktop provides the wow factor to your friends and family. But there are many speculations that a granite worktop is radioactive and emits radon. Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of rocks and natural stones.

Before digging into the depths of granite worktops, it is worth mentioning the naturally occurring radiation that happens on a daily basis. We are always exposed to radiation throughout our daily lives and we cannot get away from it. For example, we all use mobile phones that emit a level of radiation. Or if we are unfortunate enough to break a bone, we will be exposed to radiation through the use of X-Ray. Even though we are exposed to these levels of radiation as a necessary evil, there is not really a life-threatening level of radiation.

The houses that we live in are built on grounds that are naturally emitting radon gas as it is present in all living organisms. But we rely on this. According to information on the website of the World Health Organisation (WHO), no single member of the population of the world is without exposure to radiation from natural sources, absorbing an average of 2.4 millisieverts (mSv) each year.

What is radiation?

According to the World Nuclear website (, Radiation is energy traveling through space. We are exposed to radiation daily. The sun, mobile phone use, the ground that we walk on are just a few examples of radiation. Radiation is a huge subject, which we will not cover in this article, however, please click on the link for the World Nuclear website to read more.

Does your granite worktop emit radiation?

As your granite worktop is sourced from natural rocks, then yes it will emit radiation. However, is that radiation harmful to you?

From studies that have been completed all over the world, granite does produce very small amounts of radon which is invisible to the eye. Unfortunately, granite in its raw form can be harmful to the human body.

Having a granite worktop will probably never emit enough radon to make it a health risk to your or your family. If you are concerned about the amount of radon in your house, there are testing kits out there that can see what is happening in your home. Providing that your home is well ventilated, having a granite worktop will not be an issue in terms of your health.


Even though granite is a radioactive material, the amount of radiation from your worktop will probably not be enough to make a health impact on you. As mentioned in this article, we are exposed to radiation daily and it is something that we cannot get away from. If you are considering to remove the granite worktops in your property, we would strongly advise not too!

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